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Voting is a sacred priviledge in a democracy

March 1, 2013

Sharon & Kevin BHHFSharon & Kevin James

On Tuesday March 5th, 2013 Los Angeles Voters have a chance to make a difference in the leadership of our city.  LA is on the brink of bankruptcy.  Our city is in the top ten of the most corrupt cities in America according to a University of Illinois survey of convictions for bribery, extortion, and influence peddling.  I founded Bring Hollywood Home three years ago in February of 2010.  Sacramento special interests, the studios, and the unions have failed to make California competitive for film, TV, commercial, and music production.  Yet elected officials complained about the launch of Bring Hollywood Home saying they didn’t need a grassroots group to fight to stop runaway production.  With a great board of directors and alot of passion we proceeded to fight back and try and convince the special interests that the interests of California should be to be competitive in keeping our jobs.  Our creative economy has been shaped by Hollywood.  Not just the ‘brand’ Hollywood, but, the place Hollywood.  In the past decade I have worked diligently as a publicist to improve the lives of Los Angelenos by fighting for democratic reforms and more inclusion in the voting process.  I was publicist for the Elected Los Angeles Charter Reform Commission which created neighborhood councils, and I was publicist and movie producer for the movement to create independent redistricting reform in California challenging fixed elections and gerrymandering.  And, I was the publicist for Hollywood Independence working with those who loved Hollywood and were tired of seeing the famous walk of fame decline as city leaders neglected one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

Bring Hollywood Home now endorses Kevin James for Mayor of Los Angeles, Gina Harden write in candidate CD15 a USC Cinema grad, Dan Stroncak for CD7 a Writers Guild of America member, Krystee Clark for CD7 a Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists member, and Mike Bonin for CD 11 a proven leader in West Los Angeles where my husband of 33 years worked as my loving partner to raise a family, support our community, open a small business ( and in 2008 create a community based TV talk show about business (LA Business Today Channel 35 and Channel 58.)  Bob Jimenez is one of California’s leading journalists, a five time Emmy winning, Dupont Columbia, George Foster Peabody award winning TV newcaster who has worked in Northern and Southern California.  Bob and I both know that the future of California is tied to Hollywood and the jobs that we’ve lost over two and a half decades in film, TV, commercial, and music production are jobs we can’t afford to loose.

So vote on March 5th, 2013 and Make a Difference.  Thank you.


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