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Bravo to Halle Berry & Jennifer Gardner for standing up for their children against the California news media’s predatory practices

August 14, 2013

Children of Celebrities should not be open targets for the News Media story in Sacramento


Thank you Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry for lending your considerable talents and activism to stop the predatory practice of using the children of celebrities for media stories. In 1995 when the LA City Council following the death of Princess Diana tried to pass a law in Los Angeles making the unsavory conduct of paparazzi illegal not one celebrity showed up in City Council Chambers for fear of offending the agressive news media that they all depend upon for their celebrity survival. Now celebrity moms are taking on the news media for targeting their children. Bravo. Shame on the stalking news media for invading the privacy of the children of celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry. These women give enormously of their private lives in order to be movie stars. They shouldn’t have to sacrifice their children on the altar of fame to be able to work in the industry. The California Newpaper Publishers Association and the California Broadcasters Association spoke against the women’s rights to protect their children from their predatory practices. Shame on the media. How about covering real news and you wouldn’t have to stalk children in Hollywood.

Bring Hollywood Home is not surprised at the conduct of hostility towards families demonstrated in Sacramento today by the media. If it’s OK to outsource Hollywood jobs and force actors, producers, and film and TV crews to work outside of the state to prop up an aggressive lobbying scheme for tax credit incentives that California hasn’t the will to compete in then why should we be surprised that children don’t matter anymore to lawmakers.

Bring Hollywood is unapologetic about ‘whining’ to stop job outsourcing Job Outsourcing is an outrage just like encroaching upon the rights of non voting children who can’t say NO to photographers who intrude upon their young lives to sell newspapers degrading the stars in Hollywood. These stories wouldn’t have been considered “news” when I arrived in Hollywood in 1991. Consolidation of ownership of newspapers and the airwaves has led to a censorship of real news and a preoccupation with destroying the lives of our creative artists to make a buck. Sharon Hardee Jimenez, President/Founder Bring Hollywood Home Foundation


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